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How to Live on $400 a Month

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Unemployment, getting fired, divorce, etc., can leave you broke. It is potential to live on 0/month using tips and resources that you may have not known existed.

1. Security - This is an area that is always the funds buster for lower incomes. It is potential to share housing with a roommate or friend until your revenue grows. Someone else possibility is to rent a small efficiency apartment with the utilities included. Many people have lived in small boats or cars for short period of time until they saved the money for more permanent shelter.

Apartments With Utilities Included

2. Transportation - Unless your car is paid off it can be difficult to keep. Walking, taking the social bus or train is always an choice if you live in a urban area. If you are living in a rural area it will be more difficult to live without a car but straight through car sharing and other unconventional ways it is possible.

How to Live on 0 a Month

3. Food - Many people buy day old food or food that has expired for very low prices. Many people get jobs working at restaurants in order to take home free food when they get off work. Using coupons and store reduction cards also allow you to save money on food.

4. Health Care - With the new U.S. Government Health care bill now passed roughly everybody has Health care. The Va offers care to anything whom has been in the military and honorably discharged as well.

Living on 0/month is not only potential but quite easy after comprehension and using all the resources that are available.

How to Live on 0 a MonthThe Tivoli Apartments Birmingham Video Clips. Duration : 2.85 Mins.

Apartment 6 at The Tivoli near UAB. Rent is 5 per month which includes Cable and Wi-Fi. Utilities are per month which covers water and Sewer usage. Power is not included
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House/Apartments for rent 5 min from downtown Ottawa and University of Ottawa

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House/Apartments for rent 5 min from downtown Ottawa and University of Ottawa Video Clips. Duration : 1.85 Mins.

Beautiful 5 Bedroom House (with inlaw suite) 6 appliances, 3 parking, backyard and central AC included! Charming, spacious and renovated 5 bedroom house including a 1 bedroom inlaw suite. The house has large windows, hardwood floors and lots of natural light. Filled with original character. The backyard has a beautiful garden and storage shed. Located only 5 min by car, 15 min by bus or 30 min walk to downtown Ottawa and the University of Ottawa in a bilingual and quiet neighborhood. Within 10 min walking distance to government buildings (Portage and Terrasses de la Chaudiere), essential amenities, bus stops and bike paths in downtown Hull(Gatineau). Price: 49/month - Available September 1st -1 year lease -1850 square feet -6 appliances: Washer and dryer, fridge(x2) and stove(x2) -3 Parking spaces included -Renovated (brand new hardwood floors) -Utilities: 0/month (Heat, hydro and water) -References and credit check required
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Getting Past an Apartment Background Check

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Most apartment complexes now guide criminal background checks and this is in order to avoid discriminatory accusations of biased renting and also to protect their investments. Apartments also want to ensure that they keep their reputation as a safe neighborhood so existing tenants can renew their leases. All these factors weigh heavily into why apartments screen their prospective tenants. an additional one reckon why apartments feel compelled to guide criminal background checks is because they do not want their apartment to be a regular source of police activity and thereby drive rent prices down.

So if you have a criminal record, what are the tactics you can employ? There are a few tactics you can employ but one of the most sufficient is to get someone who is esteemed in community to vouch for your character. You can achieve this by getting someone like a pastor who knows you to write a letter to the apartment and state that he or she knows you and that you are a reformed someone and an excellent model citizen. To augment the letter, you can also write your own that also explains your side of the story.

Apartments With Utilities Included

One other thing you can include in your letters is the any membership to any community volunteer services. These can be very helpful and can sway the apartment owner into granting you an approval.

Getting Past an Apartment Background Check

Apartment managers are also employees who also have bosses and upper administration monitoring their actions. Sometimes the apartment owner does not have the freedom to grant you an approval and he or she may have to go to his or her manager. In our experience, if you present yourself convincingly, you may be granted an approval.

Renting an apartment with a criminal article can be a frustrating ordeal especially if you do not know where to start. You may end up with numerous denials which can positively wreak havoc on your self-esteem. One thing to remember is not to give up and to think strategically because there is a clarification no matter how bleak the situation.

You can also seek more developed publications which can give you more tips on how to get past an apartment criminal background check.

Getting Past an Apartment Background CheckApartment Life Video Clips. Duration : 0.98 Mins.

townhallterrace.com Town Hall Terrace offers you a beautiful and private apartment community that is convenient to both Buffalo and Niagara Falls. We have a variety of spacious and modern one and two-bedroom apartments to choose from. Best of all, utilities are included, so you have one bill to pay each month and no surprises! We can also offer you the absolute lowest cable rates in Western New York. So, whether you're a college student, active single, or young family on the go, Town Hall Terrace offers the best of both worlds — affordable living in a luxury apartment.

Riverview Point Apartments

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Riverview Point Apartments Tube. Duration : 1.47 Mins.

www.WatertownNYApartments.com Beautiful Newly Renovated Apartments Located in the Heart of Black River. Scenic View of the Black River Falls Historic Area 5 Minutes/ 1 Mile to Ft. Drum All Utilities Included Safe Area and close to all Amenities. Great School System Call 315.771.1977 Email: WatertownNYApt@aol.com
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$1800 2BR 2BA House for Rent in SEDONA 86336. Call Lisa Cea: (928)821-0378

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00 2BR 2BA House for Rent in SEDONA 86336. Call Lisa Cea: (928)821-0378 Video Clips. Duration : 0.62 Mins.

AVAILABLE MID JANUARY AVAILABLE MID MARCH Beautifully furnished 2 bedroom/2.5 bath Piedras Del Rojo Townhome. Nice views. Almost new, barely lived in. Must be seen to be apprciated. UTILITIES INCLUDED www.rentalguide.net Lisa Cea, Redstone Properties: (928)821-0378
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Fresh Ideas - Food Service Renovation at Maryville University

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Here's another portfolio spread - this one is from a proposal I worked on for a renovation of Maryville University's dining hall, for a company called Fresh Ideas out of Columbia, Missouri.
The existing dining area was very institutional, and working mostly within the building that was already there, we wanted to try and transform the perception of the space to fit with Fresh Idea's more modern image. This would be accomplished with changes in materials, forms, and some modification to the building structure.
The existing dining hall and serving line would be replaced with free-form curved counters and soffits. A new, open dining area would be added at the rear of the building, which would have a glass and aluminum wall facing out into the center of campus. A new entry and vestibule would be added, connecting the space with an outdoor patio. To help reinforce the connection to the campus quad, an operable glass roof was proposed over a small portion of the dining area.
portfolio page:

interior animation:

4 Tips to Find No prestige Check Apartments

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Who knew apartments required good reputation before giving you a lease? Many unsuspecting bad-credit-applicants have realized this fact the hard way. I know I did.

Why do apartments do reputation checks anyway?

Apartments With Utilities Included

Turns out apartments view a lease as a loan. If you're seeking a 12-month lease on an apartment that's 0 a month, you're essentially taking out a 00 loan that you repay over a duration of a year. If you're late, you'll get a late fee. If you're too late, they'll repossess the apartment. So in that sense, I guess it is a loan.

4 Tips to Find No prestige Check Apartments

Just like a loan from a bank, you must have a pretty decent reputation score if you want to get approved for most apartments. Without that score, you'll have to fork up the cash to pay for the apartment, get someone reputation worthy (and often a property owner) to co-sign, or you'll have to look elsewhere. seeing elsewhere is the only option for most habitancy with bad credit.

If you want to rent with bad credit, you'll have to find a no reputation check apartment.

Anyone who's been apartment hunting using those free guides you pick up from the gas middle point and Wal-Mart knows no reputation check apartments aren't easy to be found. A Google search for "no reputation check apartments" returns over 1 million results. Few of them are unquestionably websites of places that will give you an apartment without a reputation check. That's because seeing apartments that don't do reputation checks is a diminutive tough, as you've probably already seen. habitancy who own no reputation check apartments don't do much advertising and they unquestionably don't advertise in the glossy pages of apartment books.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you look for an apartment that doesn't do reputation checks.

  1. No reputation check apartments are typically owned by private landlords rather than a large property management company. private landlords often own one or two properties. So based on the number tenants they have, it's often not worth it to do a reputation check.
  2. Large apartment complexes almost all the time do reputation checks. The way they see it, they can't afford to lose money on a non-paying tenant, so they do their due diligence upfront to preclude that from happening.
  3. Apartments with lots of amenities are typically owned by large property management fellowships and are more likely to check your credit. So, if you have bad credit, stay away from the apartments with pools and workout rooms.
  4. An individually-owned condo or townhouse probably won't wish a reputation check, especially if it's newer. Chances are the owner hasn't been straight through many tenants and probably hasn't had a tenant skip out on the rent, so they don't have much think to do reputation checks.

No reputation check apartments are out there. Use some of these clues to weed out apartments. Look for an private who owns an apartment rather than a large company. That's your best bet for getting into an apartment with bad credit.

4 Tips to Find No prestige Check ApartmentsSandusky Ohio Furnished Housing Tube. Duration : 1.27 Mins.

www.daviskline.com Sandusky Ohio Furnished Apartments available for corporate leases or student housing in the Sandusky Ohio area. All apartments are furnished to a very high standard and include WIFI and Cable TV. All utilities are included when renting. For more information please visit our website.
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Net, Gross & Full assistance Leases

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We are going to be leasing our new corporate headquarters. What are the differences between a net lease, a gross, lease, and a full-service lease?

These are all terms that are used to chronicle the manner in which services and expenses are paid in a landlord-tenant relationship. While the terms are used freely in commercial real estate transactions, there are actually no agreed-upon exact definitions of each. You should be involved with the total cost of occupancy, so it is crucial to sort out what services are included in the rent, and incorporating the cost of those that are not. The following are the ordinarily appropriate definitions of these terms:

Apartments With Utilities Included

A net lease refers to a base rent that is being paid solely for the real estate, and does not consist of payments for real estate taxes, utilities, insurance, and any other operating expenses. A good way to remember the basis of a net lease is to equate it with the mortgage cost of an owned property. If you own a property, your mortgage cost is ordinarily due once a month, just a like net rent, but you are also responsible for tax payments, insurance, all operating costs and even the landscaping! A net lease is similar. The rent paid to the landlord is simply recompense for his venture and risk in the real estate, and no more. The so-called triple net lease (usually encountered with single-occupant buildings) puts the entire burden of these expenses upon the tenant, in expanding to the net rent that is paid.

Net, Gross & Full assistance Leases

A gross lease, on the other hand, usually incorporates some of the operating expenses (almost always real estate taxes) in the rent that is paid to the landlord. The gross lease may or may not consist of construction assurance or common area maintenance (Cam). The tenant must take it upon himself to demand as to exactly what is included in the gross rent that is being quoted. On Long Island, for example, Cam and construction assurance can actually add an further .60 a quadrilateral foot to the quoted price if they are not included in the gross rent.

Full assistance leases are almost exclusively encountered in office buildings. They have, as the name implies, a rent that supposedly incorporates all of the tenant's cost of occupancy. A typical full assistance rent will consist of the base rent, real estate taxes, insurance, Cam, heating, air-conditioning, cleaning, and rubbish removal. A "full assistance plus electric" adds an further fee to the tenant rent for tenant electric use (lights and outlets).

The definitions for these terms are hazy, and by no means universal. It is therefore incumbent for you to assess alternative properties and their prices with a full insight of the total cost of occupancy. It is foremost that you ask the valuable questions and dig as deep as valuable to fully itemize the expenses. This is the only way a true economic insight of the real estate alternatives or pricing can be made.

Net, Gross & Full assistance LeasesCampus-Pointe - GREENVILLE, NC - Apartment Rentals Tube. Duration : 0.67 Mins.

GREENVILLE Apartments - Campus-Pointe apartments for rent in GREENVILLE, NC . Visit www.apartmentfinder.com Monthly socials. Convenient location to ECU, mall and restaurants. Features include, fully furnished and unfurnished units, fully equipped kitchen, private bedrooms and bathrooms, hugh walk-in closets, all utilities included, washer and dryer, included high speed internet, extended cable, individual 12 mth lease ,flexible payment options, pet friendly, wireless connections, flat screen tv's, planned social events, game room w/billiards, air hockey and foosball, fitness center with flat screen, new tanning bed, covered bus stop, new large grilling/picnic area,sparkling pool and hot tub
Keywords: Apartments, GREENVILLE, NC, 27858, Campus-Pointe

What Do Condo Hoa Fees usually Include?

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Condos can make for a great low maintenance lifestyle, second home, or venture property. One thing that is foremost to understand before you make your purchase is the fees linked with owning the property. While every condo is different, let's take a look at what condo Hoa fees ordinarily include, so you have a better idea of what to expect when you make your investment.

What Are Hoa Fees?

Apartments With Utilities Included

To begin with, it is foremost to understand what Hoa fees are in the first place. A home owner's relationship is a group of local residents that work together to plan neighborhood functions, amenity and collective space upkeep, and amend and levy condo rules in an attempt to contend the values of all condos in the building. Condo owners are required to pay a quantum of the expenses linked with these actions in a monthly, quarterly, or each year fee.

What Do Condo Hoa Fees usually Include?

Common Space Maintenance

When you own a condo you own the space with the walls of your unit. This means that the area in the middle of the walls, the lobby, and the face of the building is base space that must be kept up for everyone. Depending on your type of condo and location the following list of items is ordinarily included in your Hoa fees:

  • Lawn Care
  • Exterior Maintenance and Upkeep
  • Pool maintenance and cleaning
  • Garbage Collection
  • Building Amenities

If your building has a pool or workout facility, then your Hoa dues will go towards the maintenance of those and any other amenities the building has to offer, as well as the staff required to oversee or aid during working hours.

Master assurance Policy

It is foremost to know that most condo owners are responsible for insuring their personal asset and maintaining the space inside the condo, but the Hoa fee will cover a expert assurance policy for the building. This will comprise coverage for storm damage, leaking roofs, and liability colse to the property.

Nontraditional Condo Hoa Fees

With the broad range of condos and structure ready to purchase, you will also run over some Hoa fees and situations that are atypical, but worth request questions about.

Condotels - This type of condo is a mix of a hotel and condo, which can generally be found in beloved trip spots along the coast and in big cities. Additional Hoa fees are potential because the condo is used as a hotel room when you are not using it yourself. These can be offset by the revenue of renting out the unit, but it is foremost to know the details linked with this type of building.

Special Assessments

When you are in the store for a condo and building that has been in existence for a few years you need to ask about any special assessments that may be advent in the future. These are one time Hoa fees for large repairs or upgrades that all structure need at one time or another. The last thing you want to do is buy a condo and find out that a special estimation of some thousand dollars is due.

Always do your investigate and work with a knowledgeable Realtor when production your condo purchase, so that you know exactly what is covered in the specific condo Hoa fees for that building.

What Do Condo Hoa Fees usually Include?La Quinta Apartments For Rent - Tucson, AZ Video Clips. Duration : 1.22 Mins.

Tucson apartments - La Quinta apartments for rent in Tucson, AZ. Get into the swing of things! Call 877.246.1287 or Visit www.apartments.com for apartment prices, pictures, videos, floorplans, availability. NEWLY RENNOVATED!Beautiful mountain views,extremely spacious homes! Come see what sets us apart from the rest. Nestled in the peaceful surroundings of Tucson yet 60 seconds from Park Place Mall, Carondelet Medical Park & fine dining,we are minutes from the U of A & downtown. La Quinta is your oasis in the desert. Did we mention ALL Major Utilities are included?!
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2 bedroom @ 158 NEWINGTON ROAD WEST HARTFORD CT (FREE HEAT/HOT WATER) Video Clips. Duration : 1.20 Mins.

3RD floor unit at 158 Newington Road West Hartford CT. Carpet floors, combo living room/dining room, a lot of closet space in bedrooms, A/C in unit, thermostat for heat control, laundry room on every floor, 2 car parking and HEAT AND HOT WATER IS INCLUDED! Tenants pay electric and cold water and trash fee. 12 month lease. NO dogs allowed. For a tour call or text Franco anytime at 917.864.2398. A-LIST APARTMENTS
Keywords: A- List Apartments, Apartment, West Hartford, Elmwood, 2 bedroom, utilities included

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Time for Takeoff: Human-Powered Helicopter Gets Kickstarter Funding

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Cameron Robertson and Todd Reichert got their $30,000. Now it's time to see if they can make history.

Earlier in June we covered the two-man team attempting to build a human-powered helicopter called Atlas and pursue the Sikorsky Prize. It's a DIY aviation objective that's gone unrealized for 30-plus years: Get a human-powered helo off the ground for one minute, and reach an altitude of three meters. Last week Atlas reached its Kickstarter goal, meaning the project will be funded and the guys?who already built a human-powered ornithopter?can get down to business in the shop.

Robertson and Reichert hope to be testing Atlas by July. But they're not the only team chasing the Sikorsky Prize, so the race is on.

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Lawmaker doubts Australia will allow gay marriage

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[ [ [['Connery is an experienced stuntman', 2]], 'http://yhoo.it/KeQd0p', '[Slideshow: See photos taken on the way down]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['Connery is an experienced stuntman', 7]], ' http://yhoo.it/KpUoHO', '[Slideshow: Death-defying daredevils]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['know that we have confidence in', 3]], 'http://yhoo.it/LqYjAX ', '[Related: The Secret Service guide to Cartagena]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['We picked up this other dog and', 5]], 'http://yhoo.it/JUSxvi', '[Related: 8 common dog fears, how to calm them]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['accused of running a fake hepatitis B', 5]], 'http://bit.ly/JnoJYN', '[Related: Did WH share raid details with filmmakers?]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['accused of running a fake hepatitis B', 3]], 'http://bit.ly/KoKiqJ', '[Factbox: AQAP, al-Qaeda in Yemen]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['have my contacts on or glasses', 3]], 'http://abcn.ws/KTE5AZ', '[Related: Should the murder charge be dropped?]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['have made this nation great as Sarah Palin', 5]], 'http://yhoo.it/JD7nlD', '[Related: Bristol Palin reality show debuts June 19]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['have made this nation great as Sarah Palin', 1]], 'http://bit.ly/JRPFRO', '[Related: McCain adviser who vetted Palin weighs in on VP race]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['A JetBlue flight from New York to Las Vegas', 3]], 'http://yhoo.it/GV9zpj', '[Related: View photos of the JetBlue plane in Amarillo]', ' ', '630', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['the 28-year-old neighborhood watchman who shot and killed', 15]], 'http://news.yahoo.com/photos/white-house-stays-out-of-teen-s-killing-slideshow/', 'Click image to see more photos', 'http://l.yimg.com/cv/ip/ap/default/120411/martinzimmermen.jpg', '630', ' ', 'AP', ], [ [['Titanic', 7]], 'http://news.yahoo.com/titanic-anniversary/', ' ', 'http://l.yimg.com/a/p/us/news/editorial/b/4e/b4e5ad9f00b5dfeeec2226d53e173569.jpeg', '550', ' ', ' ', ], [ [['He was in shock and still strapped to his seat', 6]], 'http://news.yahoo.com/photos/navy-jet-crashes-in-virginia-slideshow/', 'Click image to see more photos', 'http://l.yimg.com/cv/ip/ap/default/120406/jet_ap.jpg', '630', ' ', 'AP', ], [ [['xxxxxxxxxxxx', 11]], 'http://news.yahoo.com/photos/russian-grannies-win-bid-to-sing-at-eurovision-1331223625-slideshow/', 'Click image to see more photos', 'http://l.yimg.com/a/p/us/news/editorial/1/56/156d92f2760dcd3e75bcd649a8b85fcf.jpeg', '500', ' ', 'AP', ] ]

[ [ [['did not go as far his colleague', 8]], '29438204', '0' ], [ [[' the 28-year-old neighborhood watchman who shot and killed', 4]], '28924649', '0' ], [ [['because I know God protects me', 14], ['Brian Snow was at a nearby credit union', 5]], '28811216', '0' ], [ [['The state news agency RIA-Novosti quoted Rosaviatsiya', 6]], '28805461', '0' ], [ [['measure all but certain to fail in the face of bipartisan', 4]], '28771014', '0' ], [ [['matter what you do in this case', 5]], '28759848', '0' ], [ [['presume laws are constitutional', 7]], '28747556', '0' ], [ [['has destroyed 15 to 25 houses', 7]], '28744868', '0' ], [ [['short answer is yes', 7]], '28746030', '0' ], [ [['opportunity to tell the real story', 7]], '28731764', '0' ], [ [['entirely respectable way to put off the searing constitutional controversy', 7]], '28723797', '0' ], [ [['point of my campaign is that big ideas matter', 9]], '28712293', '0' ], [ [['As the standoff dragged into a second day', 7]], '28687424', '0' ], [ [['French police stepped up the search', 17]], '28667224', '0' ], [ [['Seeking to elevate his candidacy back to a general', 8]], '28660934', '0' ], [ [['The tragic story of Trayvon Martin', 4]], '28647343', '0' ], [ [['Karzai will get a chance soon to express', 8]], '28630306', '0' ], [ [['powerful storms stretching', 8]], '28493546', '0' ], [ [['basic norm that death is private', 6]], '28413590', '0' ], [ [['songwriter also saw a surge in sales for her debut album', 6]], '28413590', '1', 'Watch music videos from Whitney Houston ', 'on Yahoo! Music', 'http://music.yahoo.com' ], [ [['keyword', 99999999999999999999999]], 'videoID', '1', 'overwrite-pre-description', 'overwrite-link-string', 'overwrite-link-url' ] ]

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Rio+20: Brazil's big test

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Rio+20 kicks into gear June 20 with the arrival of about 100 heads of state. 'As usual,' writes a guest blogger, everything is coming together last minute for the 50,000-plus visitors to Rio.

By Rachel Glickhouse,?Guest blogger / June 18, 2012

People stage a vigil for the environment during the People's Summit at Rio+20 for Social and Environmental Justice in Rio de Janeiro June 17. The People's Summit at Rio+20 for Social and Environmental Justice is a parallel event of the Rio+20 United Nations sustainable development summit that will be held from June 20 to 22.

Ana Carolina Fernandes/REUTERS


? A version of this post ran on the author's blog, Riogringa. The views expressed are the author's own.

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Rio+20 [began last week, with the main event kicking off on June 20], and as usual, everything is coming together at the last minute. With 50,000 visitors and around 100 heads of state expected, the city's preparations are being finalized. It's a good sign, since the massive event is going to serve as a practice run for upcoming mega-events like the Confederations Cup, the World Cup, and the Olympics.

The city government is taking preventative measures to try to reduce the city's notorious traffic, which is especially heavy in Barra, where the main part of the conference is taking place. The mayor declared a school holiday for all levels, from pre-K to universities, as well as a partial public worker holiday. and special traffic measures are being put into place. A lane on the Linha Vermelha highway will have an exclusive lane for heads of state, and Avenida Niemeyer ? a narrow, seaside road which connects Barra to the South Zone ? will operate in a single direction during peak hours from the 20th to 22nd. There will be special buses running to transport visitors to and from the conference, including "green" buses.

Earlier this month, the city inaugurated its first bus rapid transit system, which if all goes as planned, will connect the city from end to end, from the airport to Barra. There's only one section operating so far, but it's one of the sections within the West Zone, where Rio+20 is taking place. There are some concerns that adding more buses in Barra won't solve its traffic problem in the long run, but the fact that part of it is up and running is a good sign for the city's expanding infrastructure.

In pictures: Rio+20: sustaining the environment

Security, as for all big events, is traditionally led by the military. Around 20,000 troops and police are operating in the city, and a special operations center along with 400 security cameras will monitor the city in real time.

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Police investigate assault complaint vs Nalbandian

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AAA??Jun. 18, 2012?6:54 AM ET
Police investigate assault complaint vs Nalbandian

Argentina's David Nalbandian, left, checks on the line judge after causing an injury to him, for which he was disqualified, during the Queen's Club grass court championships final tennis match against Croatia's Marin Cilic, London, Sunday, June 17, 2012. Nalbandian kicked the small barrier surrounding the line judge in anger. A piece of the barrier then hit the line judge, causing bleeding on his left shin. (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

Argentina's David Nalbandian, left, checks on the line judge after causing an injury to him, for which he was disqualified, during the Queen's Club grass court championships final tennis match against Croatia's Marin Cilic, London, Sunday, June 17, 2012. Nalbandian kicked the small barrier surrounding the line judge in anger. A piece of the barrier then hit the line judge, causing bleeding on his left shin. (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

Argentina's David Nalbandian, left, reacts as he causes an injury to the line judge, right, for which he was disqualified, during the Queen's Club grass court championships final tennis match against Croatia's Marin Cilic, London, Sunday, June 17, 2012. Nalbandian kicked the small barrier surrounding the line judge in anger. A piece of the barrier then hit the line judge, causing bleeding on his left shin. (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

A line judge wipes blood from his injured leg after Argentina's David Nalbandian kicked a small barrier surrounding the judge, leading to his disqualification during the Queen's Club grass court championships final tennis match against Croatia's Marin Cilic, London, Sunday, June 17, 2012. (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

Argentina's David Nalbandian, left, looks on after causing an injury to the line judge, right, and is disqualified during the Queen's Club grass court championships final tennis match against Croatia's Marin Cilic, London, Sunday, June 17, 2012. Nalbandian kicked the small barrier surrounding the line judge in anger. A piece of the barrier then hit the line judge, causing bleeding on his left shin. (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

Argentina's David Nalbandian, left, checks on the line judge after causing an injury to him, for which he was disqualified, during the Queen's Club grass court championships final tennis match against Croatia's Marin Cilic, London, Sunday, June 17, 2012. Nalbandian kicked the small barrier surrounding the line judge in anger. A piece of the barrier then hit the line judge, causing bleeding on his left shin. (AP Photo/Sang Tan)

(AP) ? Police are investigating an assault complaint filed against David Nalbandian after the Argentine tennis player kicked an advertising board and injured a line judge during the Queen's Club final.

London police declined to say who made the complaint against Nalbandian, who was defaulted from Sunday's match against Marin Cilic in the grass-court Wimbledon warmup event.

Any member of the public who witnessed the event in person or on television could have made a complaint, as could the line judge himself.

"We are aware of an incident at the Aegon Championships," the Metropolitan Police said in a statement on Monday. "A complaint has been made and the Metropolitan Police Service is now investigating. The allegation is of assault."

Nalbandian won the first set 7-6 (3) but lost his temper after losing serve to fall behind 3-4 in the second. After missing a running forehand on game point, he kicked the board under the chair of line judge Andrew McDougall. A piece of the board cut the judge on the left shin, leaving him bloodied from an inch long gash.

Tournament director Chris Kermode said McDougall received first-aid care but needed no further treatment after seeing a doctor.

Nalbandian was disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct. ATP rules state that any violent action will result in an automatic default.

Nalbandian also was stripped of his $57,350 in prize money and could face a fine. He is still scheduled to play at Wimbledon, which starts Monday.

Nalbandian insisted he shouldn't have been disqualified.

"It's very tough to end a final like that," he said.

Associated PressNews Topics: Criminal investigations, Assault and battery, Men's sports, Sports, Law and order, General news, Crime, Violent crime, Events, Wimbledon Championships, Tennis, Men's tennis

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The Best Places To Golf Near New York City

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This post originally appeared at Fathom.

Father's Day may have just passed, but any sunny day is a good day to hit the golf course. We asked our pals at?Golfslope, the excellent private golf course review and information site, for the best places to play in the United States.

Here's New York City, which is golfier than you might think. And don't miss the courses around?Los Angeles?and those worth the journey around the?United States.

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18 Haziran 2012 Pazartesi

Odessa Church Portfolio Page

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This was a church design I worked on for a congregation in Odessa, MO. It was sort of an exercise in making a nice looking building on a budget. We designed it to be built in two phases, so the church could do the initial building, and then wait to add on until they had enough money.
They wanted to have a basketball court space, for youth activities, and fellowship dinners. So the plan was to have this be the sanctuary during the first phase.

Most of the structure was planned to be a pre-engineered metal building, rather than conventional structural steel and metal stud framing. This would work because most of the mass of the building consists of large, rectangular, gabled shapes. There would be some conventional framing at the tower and the sides of the sanctuary, but the difficulty of these would be considerably less than the larger volumes.
Broad design strokes were made with aluminum storefront glass. All of the colunmns, banding, and detail at the eaves would be done just with EIFS. This is just a stucco-like coating over shaped Styrofoam. It's what most malls and retailers use to make their buildings look fancy.
The one pretty cool part would be the entry tower - probably 25' up on the inside and mostly glass.

Bar Concept Animation

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Created from a leftover model of a bar concept I worked on, I made up this little animation and added some music. It was originally designed about a year ago, as part of an idea for a rooftop pool and bar. Several of the design elements were inspired by a trip to Chicago I took around that time.
There is not a lot of color to it, and the feeling is trying to lean more towards a club than a bar. I have seen a lot of contemporary bar designs that are modern, but also light and airy. This one was going towards feeling more... exclusive. High class maybe. I'm not really sure anymore, but looking at it now, it does seem a little intimidating.

The Vistas Portfolio Page

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Located over in the Old Hawthorne subdivision in Columbia, this was a 50-site housing development I worked on back in 2007. Each of the homes was custom, so we worked through a lot of different designs. Most of the resulting artwork was also used for advertising.
The sketches pictured were really just the design phase. Each of the ideas that was chosen to be built had a full set of construction plans developed. An interior designer was involved for finish and furniture selection. I also did the photography that was used for showcasing the finished buildings.

Of course, the entire project was never finished. After the housing market collapsed, the whole thing was put on hold and eventually sold back to the bank. Worked out well for me though.

Thesis Portfolio Page

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Created during thesis studio, back in 2005, this synagogue design was created with information from a jewish congregation who was planning to build at the time. There was actually a lot of preliminary design work on different ideas that was created and then discarded. That was really what the class was about - the process of working through ideas. It would have been nice just to start with one great idea and make a bunch of cool media for it, but i guess it's not supposed to be that easy.

I did get some cool looking renderings out of it finally though, and the design was not bad. That was personally good enough for me i think, having the best renderings in the class. A lot of the design features were also inspired by a book called Arcadian Architecture, which has a lot of cool wood structures. It also has some cool pictures of Bill Gates house, although they are not labeled, because I guess he doesn't want everybody all up in his business.

It was also somewhat influenced by Rick Joy's projects, he uses that same slanted roof and a lot of things. He typically uses rammed earth walls though, and I don't really know how they work. I don't think they hold together so much here in missouri because it's too moist. His projects are all in the southwest where you don't really have to worry about water as much.

Rock Quarry Portfolio Page

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The owner of these apartments was working with a construction company that I am also affiliated with, so he brought me in to work on the visual design of these buildings. The size and shape of the building was already set - it was based off a similar design elsewhere in town, and the construction contract was already finalized. So that meant I could only make very minor changes to the building shell to get the look he was after. He gave me some images of buildings he did like, and I worked up a package of renderings that we used to review the design.

I also did the clubhouse what is next to the pool. Because the townhomes are technically single family attached structures, they don't need a full plan review at the city like multi-family housing would. But the small clubhouse, as a public space, was subject to that. So I construction drawings and permitting using a local architect I know.

17 Haziran 2012 Pazar

Dole Residence Portfolio Page

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Finally nearing completion, this project has been in the design stages since sometime in 2010.

The house was existing. The owner was not happy with the way the outdoor living spaces were set up, and demolished everything, digging up half the backyard in the process, to install a new pool, outdoor kitchen, and several patios.

 The only work done on the house itself was to pull off all the siding, replacing it with brick and stone. The whole design process was kind of a design build (or build design, as we called it) where we worked through a lot of options before settling on final products and styles. Ideas about the design changed fairly often, so I would go back and visualize them in 3d (as often as I had time to anyway) before building.

 The pool deck itself is only half-way on grade. Of course the pool sits in the dirt, but beyond that, there are steel beams holding up the concrete deck, so that the pool equipment is hidden underneath there behind the screened-in porch. The concrete deck is about 7" thick and supports itself to span between the beams. 


College & Walnut Fire

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So early in the morning today, May 27, the partially completed College & Walnut Building got torched.  The fire appeared to have started in the corner of the building that faces out towards the street.  Because there was no drywall installed at that location, the fire was probably able to ignite quickly.  The fire walls provided some protection to the rest of the building, but because the fire doors in the corridor were not installed yet, it would have been able to spread relatively easily.

A video of the fire:

Images of the aftermath:

Video of the Aftermath:

Demolition Begins:

Images of the building under construction, prior to the fire:

Northampton Plaza Apartments For Rent - Chapel Hill, NC

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Northampton Plaza Apartments For Rent - Chapel Hill, NC Video Clips. Duration : 0.62 Mins.

Chapel Hill apartments - Northampton Plaza apartments for rent in Chapel Hill, NC. Get into the swing of things! Call 866.603.3649 or Visit www.apartments.com for apartment prices, pictures, videos, floorplans, availability. Northampton Plaza offers a perfect location, a perfect package, and many modern conveniences. Northampton Plaza is located at 600 Airport Road, 2 blocks from Franklin Street. Only a brief walk to downtown Chapel Hill, the UNC campus, the UNC Memorial Hospital, and is right on the bus line. All the furniture, kitchen appliances, electric utilities, heat, air conditioning, water and sewer are included in the rental rate. Only one check to write out each month for rent, furniture and above utilities. You have no deposit to pay to the power company or a furniture rental center! Each apartment includes a kitchen table with four chairs, a three-cushion sofa, a coffee table, two end tables, three lamps, two arm chairs, one dresser, one desk with a chair, two twin beds with headboards, and a night table with a lamp. Each kitchen comes equipped with a new stove/oven, a refrigerator/freezer, new counter tops, and a new, double stainless steel sink with a garbage disposal, a dishwasher, and lots of cabinet and drawer space. Each apartment is fully carpeted with a large sliding glass door that leads out to a private patio or balcony with drapes provided. On site management and 24-hour emergency maintenance is available. Laundry with washers and dryers included ...
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Real Estate Math - Do You Know These straightforward Formulas?

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How much real estate math do you need to know if you are investing in real estate? There are computers and calculators for calculating interest rates or amortizing loans. What you need to know is a few simple formulas for determining if a property is a good venture or not.

The Real Estate Math You Don't Need

Apartments With Utilities Included

The gross rent multiplier is one method you don't need. I bring it up because citizen are sometimes still using it, and there are great ways to estimate value. A gross rent multiplier is a crude way to put a value on a property. You determine that properties are worth 10 times yearly rent or less, for example, and simply multiply the gross yearly rent a building collects by ten to get your value.

Real Estate Math - Do You Know These straightforward Formulas?

There are confident problems with this formula. You need to constantly change it to reflect interest rates, because a property might be profitable at 12 times rent when interest rates are low, but a money loser at eight times rent if the financing is expensive. Also, there are just plain distinct expenses for distinct properties, especially when some consist of utilities in the rent, for example. Gross rent doesn't say much about the factor that makes a property valuable: the net income.

Real Estate Math You Need

Rental properties are bought for the income they produce, so this is what your real estate valuation should be based on. That is why your real estate math education needs to start with the how to use a capitalization rate, or "cap rate" to determine value. A cap rate is the rate of return imaginable by investors in a given area, or the rate of return on a property at a given price.

An example might make this clear. Take the gross income of a property and subtract all expenses, but not the loan payments. If the gross income is ,000 per year, and the expenses are ,000, you have net income before debt-service of ,000. Now, to arrive at an estimate of value, you simply apply the capitalization rate to this figure.

If the general capitalization rate is .10 (ask a real estate expert what is general in your area), meaning investors expect a 10% return on the value of their investment, you would divide the net income of ,000 by .10. You get 0,000 - the estimated value of the building. If the common rate is .08, meaning investors in the area expect only an 8% return, the value would be 0,000.

Simple Real Estate Math

Estimated value equals net income before debt-service divided by cap rate - this truly is simple real estate math, but the tough part is getting precise income figures. Is the distributor is showing you All the general expenses, and not exaggerating income? If he stopped repairing things for a year, and is showing "projected" rents, instead of actual rents collected, the income outline could be ,000 too high. That would mean you would estimate the value at 7,000 more (.08 cap rate).

Besides verifying the figures, smart investors sometimes cut off out income from vending machines and laundry machines. Suppose these sources supply ,000 of the income. That would add ,000 to the appraised value (.08 cap rate). Instead, you can do the estimate without this income included, then add back the change cost of the machines (probably much less than ,000).

No real estate method is perfect, and all are only as good as the figures you plug into them. Used carefully, though, real estate estimate using capitalization rates is the most precise method for estimating the value of income properties. For putting a value on a single family home, you need someone else approach. Yes this means more real estate math to learn, but we'll save that for someone else time.

Real Estate Math - Do You Know These straightforward Formulas?Timbercreek Rentals: 75 Broadway Avenue (Manhattan Towers: Apartments) Tube. Duration : 2.23 Mins.

Call: 416-489-0297 Transformed to offer contemporary condo-style rentals, 75 Broadway is everything you want it to be - and more. In the heart of Yonge & Eglinton, all you need is at your door, in this new high-end apartment. Manhattan Towers offers new designer suites with luxurious features - a stylish kitchen with new stainless steel appliances, chic bathroom with ceramic tiles and a contemporary decor. Enjoy gleaming hardwood floors, large closets and spacious balconies with fantastic views. This building has it all -- fitness centre, garden terrace, on-site laundry, parking, and is an AutoShare location. There is also a recycling program, storage lockers and an excellent maintenance program. For your safety, this property has controlled access and professional and courteous 24-hour on-site management. Minutes from public transit and within walking distance to all amenities. Close to major highways and main roads, this location can't be beat with easy access to all other parts of the GTA. Utilities are included and payment options include Interac and pre-authorized payment. Rent with confidence in this Certified Rental Building. Professionally cleaned and painted prior to tenancy, suites are move-in ready. As aTimbercreek resident, you can also take advantage of our "Make it THEIR Home" referral program. Refer friends or family to any one of Timbercreek's residential communities and if they move in, you will receive 0.00!
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What Does "My Decorating Style" Mean? Here Are a Few Tips to Help You rejoinder That question

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My decorating style. Most population use that phrase without giving it much thought. Its as if each private had a unique way of expressing their tastes and aesthetics, and have found and combined items which together allow the rest of us to explore their own personal uniqueness. In a way, that's true, but just how many "styles" can there be?

If you were to crusade the web for "decorating style", you'll come up with millions of results! Millions. Everything from African decorating style to Zen decor. And many websites are today dedicated to defining what all this means and what you need to do to fit in to whatever style type your decorating style quiz says you should. And, if you hire someone, they'll tell you what you should believe "my decorating style" should be.

Apartments With Utilities Included

All this, of course, will be decided by how you answer specific questions, what you buy and how you arrange those things. Setting arrangement aside for a moment, let's look into what you buy, specifically your furniture, art and accessories. Our childhood influenced many things, such as our political views, our food choices and our decor directions. For instance, if you grew up in a simple, hard surfaced minimalist home, you might carry on that style or select soft, puffy furniture and wall to wall plush floor covering as your statement of independence.

What Does "My Decorating Style" Mean? Here Are a Few Tips to Help You rejoinder That question

Or your parents bought, or helped you buy, much of the furniture you have and you plainly buy things that will "go" with those things. Most of us easily don't know what our own personal decorating style is. So, naming it is nearly impossible! We've all heard the terms "Shabby Chic", "Western" and "Tuscan" and some believe that giving your interior decor a name "certifies" it or makes it legitimate. But most of us convert with the seasons, have growing families, move to someone else part of the country or remarry. This leads to convert in our purchasing and decor choices.

A lot of us also still have things that we don't necessarily like, but they hold some sentimental value or remind us of something or person special. Some of us have gifts-framed art, accessories or even furniture-given by friends or beloved relatives. And, all of us grew up in environments that shaped us easily and negatively in regard to our homes and furnishings. In other words, our personal decorating style is both created by us and plays a roll in defining who we are.

Now, let's get back to "arrangement" or how we place those "things" in our homes. Understanding how we came to the decisions we make in regard to the placement of objects in our living rooms, bedrooms and dining areas, along with the hardness or softness of those things Is something we may never change. There are only 4 basic styles of interiors... And, each of us is drawn to one of those, no matter what our personal decorating style is. They are:

Casual - Which includes cottage, shabby chic, American country and many others which use softer fabrics and natural materials. If you like pleats, ruffles and comfort, you could be in this category. Furniture and accessories are sturdy, overstuffed and possibly slightly whimsical. If your mate is one of the other three styles, remember other styles can be "casualized!"

Contemporary - Basic and linear. A sleek and fresh, bold personal statement representing a modern, up to the minute, probably tech-smart person who focuses on the dramatic. Smooth lines without skirts and frills. Colors are black, white, some neutrals and bright, bold accents. Plants are large and may have their own lighting.

Formal - Also called "old world" is elegant and symmetrical. Old furniture and traditional oil paintings (with interpret frames) will be arranged in pairs and always lead to a focal point within the room. Floors can be tile or wood with Persian carpets and Oriental rugs. A formal living room might have a large window, centered on the wall, looking out over a manicured lawn.

Traditional - This is the style most Americans grew up in. First-rate and comfortable. Rooms might have white crown molding, understated accessories, antiques, drapes with under treatments of pleated sheers and plain colors. You may not even call it a style, as it seems like Everything is where it is "supposed" to be and nothing is overdone or out of place.

Once you explore your basic style, it will be much easier to define your "personal" style. And, don't be afraid to be somewhat eclectic. We all are. A modern interior with an Old jukebox? A casual living room with a 56" wall-mounted Hdtv? A formal home with a wild and crazy kid's room? Why not? This is where your personality gets personal. You should be free to experiment and grow! Free to challenge the system. Free to explore new horizons! If you easily need to name it, go ahead. There are a million decorating styles out there with names. crusade "personal decorating styles" and see.

But you are you, and are dissimilar from the other six billion people. Your home is your expression of the uniqueness of you and should reflect that quirky thing that sets you apart. There's no law that says you have to name your style, you know. When person asks you what your style is, why not tell them its plainly "your" style. For more information, go to RemodelQuickTips.com and click on Your Style or any of the other listings on the navigator column for free tips and ideas.

What Does "My Decorating Style" Mean? Here Are a Few Tips to Help You rejoinder That questionOne Serendra For Rent, Bonifacio Global City (Garden View, 3br, PhP***,*** / Currently UNAVAILABLE) Tube. Duration : 3.42 Mins.

It's not just the unit! The location, convenience and lifestyle are the advantages that come with it. One Serendra is the best in modern living within metropolitan Manila. The Fort Bonifacio Global City is only a few minutes away from Makati, Forbes Park (Manila Golf and Polo Club), the Manila International Airport terminals, and the MRT (rail transit). The C-5 freeway/highway is easily accessible. Saint Luke's Hospital (arguably the best in the Philippines), the international schools (British/Japanese/International), Mercedes Benz dealership, Market Market Mall, Bonifacio High Street, are all within The Fort! And, most of the commercial establishments for your leisure are just walking distance from One Serendra. This master-planned community has organization, cleanliness and safety/security. Call 0918-214-6040 to schedule an appointment. Email and Contact Person information at the end of the video. Php* 150000 per month (includes HOA) (*Philippine Peso) 1 year lease advance payment + 2 mos. deposit. Utilities not included. 156 SQM with 1 parking. 3 bdrms / 3 baths (balconies overlooking garden and pond outside living/dining and master bedroom). Maid's quarters and toilet/shower room in the kitchen. Air-conditioned living room, dining room and bedrooms Water Heater, Furnished, Wifi/Cable ready.
Tags: one, serendra, the, fort, bonifacio, global, city, high, street, philippines, manila, makati, rental, international, embassy, british, japanese, school, airport, hawaiian, qantas, airlines, bay, forbes, saint, lukes, hospital, park

Sample Late payment Explanation Letter

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When you write a creditor to construe your late payments (mortgage, car, or credit card), the letter should state:

  • why you are late, (see paragraph 1 of the letter below)
  • how serious you are about fulfilling your commitment to them (paragraph 2 of the letter below), and
  • when you expect to be able to resume full and regular payments, (paragraph 3 of the letter below),
  • what you want from them (paragraph 4 of the letter below)
  • the financial details of your hardship (paragraph 5 of the letter below)

Apartments With Utilities Included

Below is a sample late cost explanation letter. Convert it to describe your own circumstances, but make sure that you enclose copies of financial documents like: checking account statements, tax returns (past two years), all bills from creditors, all late notices, pink slip, anything else that will prove your hardship.

Sample Late payment Explanation Letter

Cindy R. Williams

9 Turnbill Ct.

Anywhere, Usa 55555

To: Abc Mortgage

Re: Late Payments; account # 12345678

Daytime phone number: (555)555-5555

I am writing to wise up you of my up-to-date financial hardship. I was laid off from my job at Xyz business just before Christmas of 2008. I am diligently seeking other employment, but as you know, jobs are scarce in today's economy. I have not found anything yet. Being out of work has caused me to be late on my bills.

I believe in hard work and have never been without a job for more than a few months. Until this unfortunate event, I have maintained a solid cost history with you.

My goal is to pay all I owe. I take my financial obligations very seriously and plan to continue regular and full payments as soon as I find a job.

I expect my situation to be temporary and would like to discuss loan forbearance. I would also appreciate any suggestions you might have that would help me get back on track.

Please find the enclosed spreadsheet of my monthly expenses, as well as copies of financial documents, my pink slip from Xyz Co, and late notices I have received during my financial setback. I'm sending these to show that I am absolutely experiencing financial hardship. This letter and all documents attached are true and exact to the best of my knowledge.

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.



Forbearance is an business transaction by a creditor to cut or delay payments for a specified duration of time. Interest accrues during forbearance and will growth your loan amount. The good thing is that you will not have to pay late fees and penalties. There is no negative sway on your credit either.

Sample Late payment Explanation LetterSiesta Palms Apartments For Rent - Phoenix Apartments Tube. Duration : 1.22 Mins.

Phoenix Apartments for rent - Siesta Palms Apartments in Phoenix, AZ | Visit www.apartmenthomeliving.com for Siesta Palms. Check availability today! WEEKLY-BIWEEKLY-MONTHLY... NO CREDIT REQUIREMENT.. No Application Fee OFF MOVE IN SPECIAL...TOTAL MOVE IN AS LOW AS 5... Furnished Studios, Clean and Well Maintained with a 25 Inch TV from Only 119.95 Weekly. Furnished One Bedrooms, Clean and Well Maintained with a 25 Inch TV From Only 139.95 Weekly. Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly. No Length of Stay Commitment. Move in or Make Your Reservation Today. Nicely Furnished Including Utilities. Free Wireless Internet and 74 Channel Cable with HBO/CNN/ESPN and a 25 inch TV. Your Choice of One Queen or Two Twin Beds. No Income Restrictions. Gated Community. Free Long Distance calls On a Skype Phone. MC, Visa, Amx, Discover accepted. Move In The Same Day and Move out any Day. You check Out just Like a Hotel with No Penalties and We Refund any Prepaid Rent and Your Security Deposit at Move Out. Taxes are not included. Linens, dishes, kitchenware not included but may be available for an additional fee. Some restrictions apply..
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industrial Real Estate Jargon Investors Should Know

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Commercial real estate speculation is a new territory for many real estate investors. The following is the alphabetical list of most commonly used terms in this area.

Anchored tenants: big brand-name national tenants, e.g. Albertsons, Longs Drug, Walmart that bring in lots of traffic to the shopping center.

Apartments With Utilities Included

Cam: common Area Maintenance. related with Cam is Cam fees. For Nnn leases, the term Cam fees refer to the money tenants pay landlord to cover property taxes, assurance and maintenance.

industrial Real Estate Jargon Investors Should Know

Cap rate: Return of speculation in the first year of ownership. Capitalization rate is the ratio of 1st year Net Operating income over the buy price. The higher the cap rate, the higher the rental income. For people who spend in the stock market, cap rate is the inverse of P/E ratio.

Cash on cash: yearly division return of your down cost not together with appreciation. First year cash flow divided by your preliminary down payment.

Conduit loan: also called industrial Mortgage Backed Securities (Cmbs) loan often with the lower rate than customary industrial loan but either has high pre-payment penalty (called defeasance or Yield Maintenance Penalty) or does not have payoff flexibility.

Cpd: Car Per Day or traffic volume on a road.

Cpi: consumer Price Index. It's often used to calculate yearly rental growth to compensate for inflation.

Due Diligence Period: the duration after acceptance usually 15-30 days to allow buyer to study about the property. Buyer can cancel the ageement during this time for any reasons and get full reimbursement of the deposit.

Estoppel Certificate: a letter in case,granted and signed by tenant confirming the current rent and terms.

Full-service lease: lease in which tenant pays rent that covers all things together with utilities.

Gross income: total yearly income before any expenses.

Gross lease: lease in which tenants just pay rent. Landlord pays tax, insurance, & maintenance.

Gla: Gross Leaseable Area or total rentable area. This is the space that can be leased and receive rental income. It does not consist of spaces for utilities room, elevator, etc.

Grm: Gross Rent Multiplier for apartment. Ratio of buy price over yearly income.

Llc: wee Liabilities Company. A legal entity many investors formed to own industrial properties.

Loi: Letter of Intent/Interest or the usually non-binding offer letter used to make an offer to buy a industrial property.

Mai appraiser: Member appraisal make industrial appraiser.

Master lease: lease signed by the distributor to rent the vacant space to contribute rent guarantee.

Mixed Use: industrial properties with sell on 1st floor and apartment on upper floors.

Triple Net (Nnn) lease: lease in which tenants pay base rent plus property tax, assurance & Cam fees. Absolute Nnn lease is Nnn lease that tenants also pay property administration fee.

Noi: Net Operating Income. yearly income after all expenses (property taxes, ins., & maintenance) except mortgage payment.

Pad: stand alone construction in a prime location of a big shopping center.

Pass Thru: see reimbursement.

Percentage lease: lease in which tenant pays base rent plus a division of tenant's revenue.

Phase I Report: inspection report that provides an appraisal for soil/environment contamination. It's usually required by the lender as part of loan approval process for a industrial property.

Phase Ii Report: inspection report for soil & groundwater subsurface investigation. This inspection is more total which involves testing to see if there is any soil and water contamination.

Proforma income: potential, i.e. Higher, income when the property is 100% leased.

Proforma Cap rate: potential cap rate assuming property is 100% leased at store rent.

Reimbursement: the share of property tax, assurance & Cam fees that a tenant has to pay the landlord besides the base rent.

Rent guarantee: rent paid by the distributor to buyer for vacant spaces until they are leased.

Sba Loan: a government-guaranteed loan for owner-occupied properties.

Snda: Subordination, Non-disturbance, and Attornment. It's an bargain required by lender, signed by the tenants agreeing: the new lien in 1st position; lender as landlord in case of foreclosure; lease as valid as long as tenant is not in default.

Tic: Tenants In Common. A way for small/self-directed Ira investors to own a fraction of high-valued properties as tenants in common.

industrial Real Estate Jargon Investors Should KnowPeter McGregor Tower, 21 King Street, London Video Clips. Duration : 1.78 Mins.

www.homestead.ca Need to be downtown? Want to be near London's thriving nightlife? Like to make the London bike paths and hiking trails a part of your life? Peter McGregor Tower is the place for you!!!! These unique, multi-level apartments are sure to please. Whether you need a bachelor, one or two bedroom apartment, you are always guaranteed a view of the historic Forks of the Thames. John Labatt Centre and Covent Garden Market are a moment's stroll from your door. Some of London's finest restaurants are within easy walking distance. Ample reserved underground parking is available and utilities are included in your rent. Why not make the switch today to begin your downtown adventure. Our conscientious Peter McGregor site staff are ready to welcome you home!! Call 519 432 1995!!
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