18 Haziran 2012 Pazartesi

Odessa Church Portfolio Page

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This was a church design I worked on for a congregation in Odessa, MO. It was sort of an exercise in making a nice looking building on a budget. We designed it to be built in two phases, so the church could do the initial building, and then wait to add on until they had enough money.
They wanted to have a basketball court space, for youth activities, and fellowship dinners. So the plan was to have this be the sanctuary during the first phase.

Most of the structure was planned to be a pre-engineered metal building, rather than conventional structural steel and metal stud framing. This would work because most of the mass of the building consists of large, rectangular, gabled shapes. There would be some conventional framing at the tower and the sides of the sanctuary, but the difficulty of these would be considerably less than the larger volumes.
Broad design strokes were made with aluminum storefront glass. All of the colunmns, banding, and detail at the eaves would be done just with EIFS. This is just a stucco-like coating over shaped Styrofoam. It's what most malls and retailers use to make their buildings look fancy.
The one pretty cool part would be the entry tower - probably 25' up on the inside and mostly glass.

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