20 Haziran 2012 Çarşamba

Fresh Ideas - Food Service Renovation at Maryville University

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Here's another portfolio spread - this one is from a proposal I worked on for a renovation of Maryville University's dining hall, for a company called Fresh Ideas out of Columbia, Missouri.
The existing dining area was very institutional, and working mostly within the building that was already there, we wanted to try and transform the perception of the space to fit with Fresh Idea's more modern image. This would be accomplished with changes in materials, forms, and some modification to the building structure.
The existing dining hall and serving line would be replaced with free-form curved counters and soffits. A new, open dining area would be added at the rear of the building, which would have a glass and aluminum wall facing out into the center of campus. A new entry and vestibule would be added, connecting the space with an outdoor patio. To help reinforce the connection to the campus quad, an operable glass roof was proposed over a small portion of the dining area.
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