14 Haziran 2012 Perşembe

I Won Free Hosting and Domain for 1 Year

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Yesterday morning, when I was doing my daily routine reading incoming emails and posts that I had subscribed by email, I was shocked. My email was listed in the Internet Babel's post as the winner of the first prize. That means I won One year of free hosting at ICDSoft.com, the Business Package + free Domain. The total prize value is $125. Yey..! :D

I was subscribing with the Internet Babel when I was joining his previous contest, but I didn't win for this one. So when he's having the next contest, all the previous subscribers are automatically rolled in the next contest. And this time, I won. Thank's, Nick!

I had claimed for my prize, but I haven't decided what domain that I want to use. And Nick had given me some time to think about it. Thank's again, Nick.
Any suggestion?

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