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Video: Bush Sr. ?I like a colorful sock?

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>>> our former presidents tend to be beloved figures in this country. we're with lucky to have four of them alive today. the senior of them is george senior. he's turning 88. his legs give him a little trouble, he's slowed down a bit. he sat down at the family compound in maine with with jenna bush hager who began with a fashion note.

>> so your socks have been making headlines.

>> well, i like a colorful sock. i'm a sock man. this is a modest pair here today. subdued you might say.

>> these days my grandfather says he's happiest on the sea, spending time with family.

>> we had picnics on that island over there.

>> six kids, 17 grandkids and the newest edition, a great granddaughter born last year.

>> she's a beautiful girl . and it takes me back. i wish i were going to be around to see her grow old. i won't be.

>> what's with anding like?

>> aging's all right, better than the alternative, which is not being here.

>> sometimes i know you can hear me, but you pretend you can't.

>> right.

>> why do you do that?

>> keeps you on the ball.

>> is that one of the advantages of aging, if you don't want to hear what people are saying, you just say what?

>> three generations of my family recently returned to the white house . dad said, and i'm going to start crying, which i promised myself i wouldn't. he loves that his portrait is going to be hanging near yours.

>> that's sweet. that's very nice, we're pleased. and two presidents in one family, that's pretty good. we're both lucky. lucky to have served. he had two terms as president, and did a great job. i'm proud to be next to your dad there. very proud.

>> in a recent letter to his children, always the bpoetic letter writer, my grandfather finishes his thoughts on aging.

>> as the seas get higher, the winter colder, i'll be making some notes, writing it down so lest i forget. so i can add to the report on getting older. maybe they'll come up with a new drug that makes legs bend easier, joints hurt less, memory come roaring back, and fears of falling off fishing rafts go away. i'll be there ready when you are, but i'll be there ready when you are, there's so much excitement ahead, so many grandkids to watch grow. if you need me i'll be here, devot devotedly, dad.

>> he may be dad to them, but he's mr. president to us. 41 reflecting on his 88 with his granddaughter after a life well lived. congratulations, mr. president. that's our

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