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How to Live on $400 a Month

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Unemployment, getting fired, divorce, etc., can leave you broke. It is potential to live on 0/month using tips and resources that you may have not known existed.

1. Security - This is an area that is always the funds buster for lower incomes. It is potential to share housing with a roommate or friend until your revenue grows. Someone else possibility is to rent a small efficiency apartment with the utilities included. Many people have lived in small boats or cars for short period of time until they saved the money for more permanent shelter.

Apartments With Utilities Included

2. Transportation - Unless your car is paid off it can be difficult to keep. Walking, taking the social bus or train is always an choice if you live in a urban area. If you are living in a rural area it will be more difficult to live without a car but straight through car sharing and other unconventional ways it is possible.

How to Live on 0 a Month

3. Food - Many people buy day old food or food that has expired for very low prices. Many people get jobs working at restaurants in order to take home free food when they get off work. Using coupons and store reduction cards also allow you to save money on food.

4. Health Care - With the new U.S. Government Health care bill now passed roughly everybody has Health care. The Va offers care to anything whom has been in the military and honorably discharged as well.

Living on 0/month is not only potential but quite easy after comprehension and using all the resources that are available.

How to Live on 0 a MonthThe Tivoli Apartments Birmingham Video Clips. Duration : 2.85 Mins.

Apartment 6 at The Tivoli near UAB. Rent is 5 per month which includes Cable and Wi-Fi. Utilities are per month which covers water and Sewer usage. Power is not included
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