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Net, Gross & Full assistance Leases

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We are going to be leasing our new corporate headquarters. What are the differences between a net lease, a gross, lease, and a full-service lease?

These are all terms that are used to chronicle the manner in which services and expenses are paid in a landlord-tenant relationship. While the terms are used freely in commercial real estate transactions, there are actually no agreed-upon exact definitions of each. You should be involved with the total cost of occupancy, so it is crucial to sort out what services are included in the rent, and incorporating the cost of those that are not. The following are the ordinarily appropriate definitions of these terms:

Apartments With Utilities Included

A net lease refers to a base rent that is being paid solely for the real estate, and does not consist of payments for real estate taxes, utilities, insurance, and any other operating expenses. A good way to remember the basis of a net lease is to equate it with the mortgage cost of an owned property. If you own a property, your mortgage cost is ordinarily due once a month, just a like net rent, but you are also responsible for tax payments, insurance, all operating costs and even the landscaping! A net lease is similar. The rent paid to the landlord is simply recompense for his venture and risk in the real estate, and no more. The so-called triple net lease (usually encountered with single-occupant buildings) puts the entire burden of these expenses upon the tenant, in expanding to the net rent that is paid.

Net, Gross & Full assistance Leases

A gross lease, on the other hand, usually incorporates some of the operating expenses (almost always real estate taxes) in the rent that is paid to the landlord. The gross lease may or may not consist of construction assurance or common area maintenance (Cam). The tenant must take it upon himself to demand as to exactly what is included in the gross rent that is being quoted. On Long Island, for example, Cam and construction assurance can actually add an further .60 a quadrilateral foot to the quoted price if they are not included in the gross rent.

Full assistance leases are almost exclusively encountered in office buildings. They have, as the name implies, a rent that supposedly incorporates all of the tenant's cost of occupancy. A typical full assistance rent will consist of the base rent, real estate taxes, insurance, Cam, heating, air-conditioning, cleaning, and rubbish removal. A "full assistance plus electric" adds an further fee to the tenant rent for tenant electric use (lights and outlets).

The definitions for these terms are hazy, and by no means universal. It is therefore incumbent for you to assess alternative properties and their prices with a full insight of the total cost of occupancy. It is foremost that you ask the valuable questions and dig as deep as valuable to fully itemize the expenses. This is the only way a true economic insight of the real estate alternatives or pricing can be made.

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