14 Haziran 2012 Perşembe

Azalea Gardens (Tupelo) under new management

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I can't say I'm sad to see O'Malley's Property Management no longer in control of Azalea Gardens Apartments in Tupelo. I don't know of much that operated smoothly in the time that O'Malley's managed the property. The previous company, out of Montgomery, Alabama (the name escapes me) did a good job, given the difficulties that go along with managing that property anyway. But just from my standpoint as publisher of the Apartment Finder & Newcomers Guide magazine of Tupelo, O'Malley's was difficult to work with. In fact, the property was delisted from the Apartment Finder for lack of payment. It took nearly two years to receive payment on advertising. They finally did pay, so I can't say they defaulted, but that kind of payment history, as I understand it, was not limited to just me. Again, I do understand there are certain difficulties that go along with managing that apartment complex, but it just seemed like O'Malley's was hobbled from the start. Here's hoping the new management company, Apogee Companies of Boynton Beach, Fla., has much better luck. Azalea Gardens was an effort on the part of the city that was supposed to lead to a rejuvenation in the Ida Street area of town and cut down on crime and urban decay. Good management will keep that trend going, but poor management will unravel all the good that has been done.

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