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My Interesting Files Issue

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My other site, My Interesting Files is having problems after transferring from Blogger custom domain to Wordpress selfhosted. All the post already imported to Wordpress, and in Blogger account already set up using FTP publishing, but still the individual post of My Interesting Files was viewed using old Blogger layout.

If you go to the homepage, it will be viewed using new Wordpress theme. But if you click the individual posts that I had imported from Blogger, it will be viewed using old Blogger layout. Not only that. All the link in the Blogger layout, point to the address that does not even exist anymore.

So to prevent this, I had changed the permalink without “.html”. So when the reader clicked the individual post, they will see the post using the new Wordpress theme. I don’t know yet if this going to be permanently or only temporary. Will post again in the future for sure. See the different :

old permalink : /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html. eg : http://www.myinterestingfiles.com/2008/03/balance-mobile-concept.html

new permalink : /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%. eg : http://www.myinterestingfiles.com/2008/03/balance-mobile-concept

Does anyone know how to fix this? Even the transfer department from my hosting company who did the transfer and ended up with this problem can not help me to solve this. If any of you ever faced the same problem, please share your experience by leave a comment here or contact me. I really need help.

Update :

To avoid having same content with two different URL, I’ve decided to switch back to my old permalink structure which is using “.html” in the end of the address. If you want to see the different, just go to the homepage and click one old post. You can see the different from here.

Update :

The problem is fixed already. Click here for the detail.

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