13 Haziran 2012 Çarşamba

Spottt, Free Link Exchange

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Spottt is a free way to exchange link with other. All you have to do is create an account, create your spottt by uploading your 125x125 banner, after that you put their code in your site for showing their banner. This banner will link from your site to another site. And for every two times other site's banner is shown on your site, your banner will appear once on another site.

Credit earns based on your pageviews, and your credits will automatically spends to distribute your ad automatically across the net on autopilot. You can find the report in your Spottt account, daily data of how many times your Spottts were shown, how many times they got clicked, and other stats.

You can use Spottt is any webpage. So if you only have MySpace, Xanga, Friendster or any website other than blog, you still can use their services.

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