18 Haziran 2012 Pazartesi

Thesis Portfolio Page

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Created during thesis studio, back in 2005, this synagogue design was created with information from a jewish congregation who was planning to build at the time. There was actually a lot of preliminary design work on different ideas that was created and then discarded. That was really what the class was about - the process of working through ideas. It would have been nice just to start with one great idea and make a bunch of cool media for it, but i guess it's not supposed to be that easy.

I did get some cool looking renderings out of it finally though, and the design was not bad. That was personally good enough for me i think, having the best renderings in the class. A lot of the design features were also inspired by a book called Arcadian Architecture, which has a lot of cool wood structures. It also has some cool pictures of Bill Gates house, although they are not labeled, because I guess he doesn't want everybody all up in his business.

It was also somewhat influenced by Rick Joy's projects, he uses that same slanted roof and a lot of things. He typically uses rammed earth walls though, and I don't really know how they work. I don't think they hold together so much here in missouri because it's too moist. His projects are all in the southwest where you don't really have to worry about water as much.

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