18 Haziran 2012 Pazartesi

Rock Quarry Portfolio Page

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The owner of these apartments was working with a construction company that I am also affiliated with, so he brought me in to work on the visual design of these buildings. The size and shape of the building was already set - it was based off a similar design elsewhere in town, and the construction contract was already finalized. So that meant I could only make very minor changes to the building shell to get the look he was after. He gave me some images of buildings he did like, and I worked up a package of renderings that we used to review the design.

I also did the clubhouse what is next to the pool. Because the townhomes are technically single family attached structures, they don't need a full plan review at the city like multi-family housing would. But the small clubhouse, as a public space, was subject to that. So I construction drawings and permitting using a local architect I know.

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