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Dole Residence Portfolio Page

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Finally nearing completion, this project has been in the design stages since sometime in 2010.

The house was existing. The owner was not happy with the way the outdoor living spaces were set up, and demolished everything, digging up half the backyard in the process, to install a new pool, outdoor kitchen, and several patios.

 The only work done on the house itself was to pull off all the siding, replacing it with brick and stone. The whole design process was kind of a design build (or build design, as we called it) where we worked through a lot of options before settling on final products and styles. Ideas about the design changed fairly often, so I would go back and visualize them in 3d (as often as I had time to anyway) before building.

 The pool deck itself is only half-way on grade. Of course the pool sits in the dirt, but beyond that, there are steel beams holding up the concrete deck, so that the pool equipment is hidden underneath there behind the screened-in porch. The concrete deck is about 7" thick and supports itself to span between the beams. 


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